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Pertinent Questions to Ask Before Purchasing Your Ionic Foot Spa:

What is the ideal amperage I should look for? 
answer: We suggest that you search for units that have at least 2.5 Amps....preferably 3.0 Amps ....
Be aware that some go as high as 5.5 Amps for the "Pro" units! Oftentimes you will not be using your footbath at the high end on the amperage scale but as you progress with your detoxification process, the extra amperage will beneficial.

What is the ideal wattage to look for? 
answer: Preferably 150+ watts is what is often suggested.

Can I manually adjust the amperage by the current flow or does the unit get only controlled by adding salt to the footbath water?
answer: Amperage is best controlled by current and not the salt but this is also dependent upon the individual taking the treatment and the quality of the water supply.

What is the frequency/Hertz the power unit is running at?  
answer: You do not want 60 Hz...........this can potentially be harmful to the body

Is the power unit running at single polarity or dual? 
answer: Single polarity (for the most part) is preferred based upon the ionization process, since we're looking to eliminate positive ions (these are the toxins).

What protection mechanisms does the power footbath unit offer? 
answer: You should purchase a unit that has an auto shut off, is electrically "certified" and properly grounded.
Note: some, not all, of the mass produced units overseas do not have as many safety features as those made in the USA.
Also, some overseas units have lead and other toxic chemicals built into their machines. Something's wrong with this picture!

Is the power unit built into the footbath tub or is it separate?
answer: For more flexibility and portability, a separate tub is preferred
so you can use it in any type of location .. even in your bath tub.

Is the footbath tub made of plastic or a conductive material?  
answer: Conductive material such as copper is best for your experience since plastic is inert and has no conductive properties. If you go copper, it's an added expense but it may be worth it in the long run.

If the water module is using a copper plate, is it 100% pure copper or does it have beryllium or any other toxic substance in it? 
answer: A unit that has 100% pure copper is preferred because beryllium is a carcinogen. Again, we're looking to improve health by ridding the body of toxins and do NOT want to add any additional exposure---especially during the detox process!

Is the water module/array disposable, or do I have to replace the plates manually?
answer: It's definitely quicker and easier to replace a whole unit as opposed to individual plates.
Both methods are fine and won't hinder the effectiveness of the unit. It just takes longer to switch plates as opposed to a whole unit.

How many baths do you get out of the water module/array?
answer: Obviously, the more the better. Some units may get up to 80 uses/water module/array...but this also depends on the user.

What is the cost per usage of the unit? 
answer: Most units try to keep the cost /use under $2.00.
Some units run as low as $.50/use....you still have to weigh cost/use vs. quality and features of the footbath.

Is the water module built in to the footbath tub or is it separate?
answer: Separate/portable water modules/arrays are preferred because it can be used in any type of tub .. even a bath tub!

How is the water module cleaned and how do I disinfect it?
answer: You want to have direct access to the plates to remove the mineral and toxin build up.
Some manufacturers state that "hospital grade" disinfectant is recommended....and I agree! Some companies have their own "solution" for disinfecting, while one manufacturer even recommended using apple cider vinegar as part of their "disinfectant" process.

What salt should I use.... high quality, special grade, sea salt, salt with trace minerals or basic processed salt? 
answer: A high quality salt is always recommended..but the amperage can also be a booster to the effectiveness of the salt. Some companies have their own "grade" and specialty salt. A lot also depends on the type of water that is used for the footbath.

What is the total price of the unit...are there any "add ons" necessary for functionality?
answer: Some units requuire the purchase of "extras" that really have no added benefit. Unless you have an open wallet, the add ons will not have much more of a cleansing/detoxing benefit.

What is the warranty/return policy?
answer: Some manufacturers offer 5 year warranties, others 3 years or less.
Some manufacturers offer a 30 day full refund return policy. Others will offer this return policy but charge a restocking fee.These are specific to brands and models, so this must be discussed on an individual basis.

Many people are complaining that they get very sleepy during the bath but engergized
afterward. This is because they are are stirring up toxins and its not that they are getting
relaxed, it's that they are creating a toxic whirlpool that can't be eliminated so fast. Either
they are using too much power or they need to shorten their session. It is a similar feeling
to when people feel so relaxed after going into a hot tub. It's the exhaustion from soaking
and breathing in chlorine, not so much the heat. Don't confuse exhaustion from toxic overload
with relaxation. It's called DETOXING TOO QUICKLY. So, buy the highest amperage you
need and don't just go for the highest amperage out there like I first did.

The Amperage Ranges: 1.8 to 5.5 Amps (at peak--but can ramp down as well)
The Voltage Ranges: Most footbath units run from12 to 15 volts...There is 1 manufacturer
that runs 24 volts! Their contention is that the laws of physics (Bohr's Law) states that you need
at least 13.6 volts for proper ionization detoxification. Stay tuned on this one!

How do you pick out the right amperage and voltage?
MOST PEOPLE that are slightly water malabsorbent need 1.6 to 1.8 amps. The best unit can use just tap
water and you don't have to keep adding salt depending on your own conductivity level. NOT ALL FOOT
If you have a lower quality machine, you need to add more salt which makes the machine use less amps.
But, there is a law of diminishing returns. It's

Questions Regarding Ionic Detox Foot Spas

Q: What are the things I should be looking for when buying an ionic foot spa?

A: There are many factors to take into consideration. First of all, what kind of warranty does it have? Most ocmpanies will only have a 1 year warranty. After that, if there are any problems, you have to pay the whole amount again. Beware of companies that offer no warranty, or short warranties. Afterall, an electrical device will probably not break the first year. Even if the company has a 5 year warranty, that is better, but if the company that has a warranty that lasts a lifetime, even if there is a small deductible is better in the long run.

Q: Why do some foot spas have belts with them?

A: The waist belt is a far-infrared heating belt. Tests have shown far infrared heat to be of extreme benefit to the human body. In addition, the belt has a warming component, which increases circulation and has been shown to get 30% more toxins out than a unit wihtout the belt. If you are looking for a strong detox, then look for a unit with the far infrared heating belt.

Q: I have seen some units that are able to treat 2 people at the same time. What can you tell me about those?

A: The good thing about those units, is they are usually around the same price as a single unit which can only treat one person. The dual unit, as they are called, saves time for couples, families, and can double the profit potential in clinic settings. If the price is basically the same, I would recommend the dual unit.

Q: I see a lot of companies taking about the amperage of their units. What can you tell me aobut that?

A: A lot of companies will tell you they have high amperage. However, you don’t necessarily want the highest amperage. What you want is the correct and proper amount of amperage for your body. The foot spa which adjusts for each individual human body is the best. And, it has been found that the human body detoxes the safest somewhere between 1.2 and 2.2 amps.  

Q: Why do some foot spas have wrist bands and some do not?

A: There are many different schools of thought about this. However, the benefit of having a wrist band is that there is a complete circuit being made between the foot spa and your body. Also, the upper body will be more stimulated, and thus release more toxins. So, to make sure you are getting as strong and safe a detox as possible, it is recommended to get a unit with the wristband.

Q: I see some foot spa companies that have a copper tub. Does this really help?

A: It may help some. But the benefit does not warrant the extreme price difference. The other problem with using that tub, is it must be cleaned by someone after each use. Before you buy one, picture yourself scrubbing a large copper tub full of nasty toxins while your next client/family member is watching and waiting for you. I don’t think so.

Q: Some companies claim they only use Himalayan salt or sea salt. What about that?

A: It’s true that Himalayan salt or sea salt is better to use than regular table salt. However, some companies will charge you a lot just to send some sea salt with the unit, where as you can actually go to any health food store and buy that same salt for about one tenth of the price. To be honest, and many companies won’t like me saying this, you can still get a decent detox with regular old table salt. True, you won’t be soaking your feet in the “purest? and “finest? salt, but the small amount that is actually in the water, and the 30 minutes or less that you’re getting the treatment, doesn’t really matter that much.

Ion Output:
The best foot spa will properly ionize at the same level no matter the water quality
during the beginning, middle, and end of the session.
There will be no "peak" ionization period when the water is clean.
If you see a really high powered machine that is selling for really cheap, make sure you know what the arrays are made of. High carbon steel alloymaterial that doesn't leech is WAY WAY more expensive. These alloys are very expensive commodities. The cheaper arrays could be made out of lead and the last thing you want is to have the lead leach out into your footbath....The goal is to get detoxed and not poisoned!

Ionic Theory: 
In the world of physics..........An ion is a charged atom that has lost an electron. Once it loses
this electron, it creates a magnetic attraction field that is capable of neutralizing oppositely-charged
particles. These oppositely charged particles are really the toxins that have built up in your body over
the course of your lifetime. If the ions can attach themselves to the toxins, they can rid the body of
these poisons and improve your state of health.
Some manufacturers claim that their ionic foot spas create alternating flows between negative(-) and
positive(+)ions. But,again, going back to the basic laws of physics, we know that opposites poles attract
and like repel.

So, this being said, the negatively charged hydrogen ion, created through the ionization process would
attract and neutralize the positively charged toxins in your body. When this occurs,the toxins (in theory)
would be eliminated through the skin. With the ionic foot spas, these toxins get eliminated mainly through
the feet. If the ionization process produces both positively and negatively charged hydrogen ions then they
would not attract as many positively charged toxins that are stored in your body. If this is the case, then these
toxins will not be removed from your body as efficiently...This is assuming that your body is in a totally alkaline state.
Some manufacturers feel that not everyone is in a total alkaline state and the creation of both types of ions will help balance the body and actually result in a better detox session.

If you ever go to a trade show and study consumer behavior around foot spas, you will notice that at these
trade shows there are hundreds of booths and people will not spend much time at a booth unless there is immediate
interest. This is the psychology of trade shows.
SCAM: If you get an ionized foot spa where the water almost immediately starts changing colors, you know its a
scam. With DISTILLED WATER the foot spa won't change colors right away. The water might change slight colors
at first BUT it takes a MUCH longer time to this to occur. If the color changes happen too soon you know its a reaction
from the water, not the toxins coming out.
When you buy your foot spa, do a soak in distilled water that has ZERO dissolved solids and then some purified water.
You WILL see a difference and will be able to pick out the one that really works.
I caught another company trying to sell a $700 foot spa that costs them only 70 bucks. They were trying to give away
3 bottles of some supplements for detox and energy boost. They probably think people will feel better from the supplements
and think it's the foot spa that is making them feel better. I would avoid a company that gets you on a detox supplement
program as part of the foot spa package they are selling you. Just a red flag to be cautious about.
Our low price guarantee applies to all ionic foot spas we carry. We have demos too from those who use them only until they got well.
COLORS? If you even hear a company mention what "colors mean" when you detox hang up
the phone immediately. Almost everyone that is re-buying a machine that they felt they got
scammed has told us the story of the color theory.
The color depends mainly on the minerals in the water. Without even soaking your feet, water from some
areas will turn the water greenish and water from other states will turn it brown. DO NOT GO BY COLORS.
notice that everyone's dirty foot bath water is brownish. Why is that? Wanna know why? BECAUSE I CAUGHT
THEM BRING THEIR OWN WATER IN 5 GALLON IGLOO COOLERS. Why is that? Because they want that
gross brown color to attract people and in some states the water won't make that brown color and they lose
their entire sales pitch. So, do yourself a favor, know your city's water report or ionize regular tap water without
your feet in it and see what color it turns naturally.

COLOR CHANGE GUIDE: I have went to expos where I have heard the dealer tell the bather to move their feet
around. This will increase the effectiveness of the electrolysis by circulating fresher water near the electrode
plates. If you are fidgety, you will mix the browns and greens but if your feet are still the water usually stays light
brown. Also, when sitting still, the toxic particles produced by the arrays tend to settle instead of circulating, creating
more color. If you are usually fidgety, try sitting still the next session and see if the color is different. A good foot
spa is powerful enough where you don't have to keep moving your feet and you can relax.

SCAM: Feeling tired after your soak? Well, if you hear anyone saying it should relax you has no idea what
they are talking about. You should feel energized. They might say to use it at night if you are the type that gets
"relaxed". This is to hide that the toxins are getting recirculated in the body. You should feel energized when you
are less toxic as long as you have proper nutrition. So, if you are tired after a soak, you might want a foot spa with
adjustable settings and not jack the amps up toward the end of the session just to let the toxins soak back in the
minute you are done with the session.
Why I am choosing Ion Cleanse as the best.
First, I must say that these are made in the United States and this company can have quality control over the manufacturing process. Many of the imported foot spas are sold by companies on Alibaba.com for a fraction of the price. Many of them do not have the power that many people need. The people that are just importing them are just resellers and do not own the company that manufactureres them.
Anyone can buy $200 foot spas for $50 bucks and mark them up to $500 bucks.
This company has a very high quality foot spa and does not inflate their prices and that is why I have them listed on my site. I do not know of anyone who has returned this brand given their 100% give back return policy. This company was the first company that I found several years ago when I went to a raw food health spa for 2 weeks and they had this brand in the colonic rooms.
The company is based in Colorado and seemed well integrated with nutrition and health and were not just people making the machines who had no idea what they were talking about.
They also have doctors on staff. Most companies have just sales people that have no medical background and they are making recommendations that they have no qualification other than a commission check they are trying to get if they sell to you.
This company is also known for giving 100% money back for assurance- proof that they are confident in their product . They won't give you a hard time if you try to return it and try to troubleshoot why you think it didn't work. They will simply give you no hassle.
This brand is also one of the few that have the CE safety cerfication. I have not seen any cheap machines coming out of China that have
the USA CE certification. Many have certifications in their own country but that means nothing here. EVERY single one of the components in this brand is FCC and CE certified. This is the only one I know of that is certified like this that I have found.
I congratulate this company for letting everyone know where their parts come from. Many assembly companies are now saying their foot spas are made in the USA but they import all the parts from overseas. This company gets all their parts made in the USA. It is more expensive than the others but you know you are getting a quality product and they are always there to answer the phones unlike many that you get a voice mail almost every time unless you keep calling repeatedly when they finally get annoyed since they are screening their calls to avoid angry customers.
Here are the places they get their parts from. I will be exposing where other companies get their parts from unless they want to state where they come from publicly.

There's a reason why this company is called Optimum. Based upon their product line and willingness to LISTEN
and assist, they rank high. They feature some of the most powerful ionic foot bath machines on the market, running
from 3 to 5.5 amps---all manufactured in the USA. Since these units run on higher amps, Optimum claims that they
are able to generate up to 35 times more negative ions than their competitors. Greater ionization, in theory, will produce
an increased detoxification effect.

With the Optimum units you have full control over the amperage simply by adjusting the current knob (going as low as
0.00 to 5.50 amps). Many of their competitors do not have this adjustable feature and lack the amperage. Their water module
offers advanced surface design to enhance the ionic osmosis process; welded connections for stronger conductivity and
use 100% copper construction. This is a great feature since it doesn’t require cumbersome manual replacement of individual components (the entire unit is disposable). They even offer a unique copper tub that adds conductivity to the footbath,
which translates to less current being added to increase amperage being required and which ultimately helps to extend the life of the Optimizer water module.
Well thought out features here. Since Optimum puts "more" into their design and construction, their units tend to be a bit
more expensive. You get what you pay for!

Optimium sells 3 models....essentially, one for home use and two professional grades
Optimum Focus ES 1500i: Home Standard 3 amps
One Person-Individual Use

Optimum Focus ES 8000i: Professional Single 5.5 amps
One Person-Professional Use

Optimum Focus ES 9800i: Professional Dual 5.5 amps
Two Person- Professional Use
Before buying an ionic foot spa, it's important to know the following:
How many people will be using the spa per day?
Know the amps of the foot spa you are buying.
Know how many volts are in the foot spa.
Know how strong the "output" power is. (Not just input power)
Know the cost of array replacements and if they are steel arrays.
Know how hard it is to clean
Know what country it is made in.
Know the cost per session including how many sessions the arrays last and time for each session based on the quoted session time.
(Higher end arrays can cost more but are more effective. More expensive replacements is not necessarily a bad thing. Arrays can cost under 40 cents per use all the way to $2.00 per use.
Know if you are water absorbent. (A big issue) Many people hold on to toxins and don't get the help. Ask about this!
Know the warranty. YES, THEY DO BREAK. I get calls on many machines and I don't carry them for those reasons.
Know the type of water you are using. This makes a big difference too. The better your water, the longer the arrays last.

We ONLY carry the IonCleanse and Optimum Focus. We have had nothing but success with these two brands
and are not selling any brands we have sold in the past.