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Sleep alkalinizes your body.

During this time hormones are condensed.

Next to food, sleep is one of the most abused and taken for granted necessities. If your battery doesn't recharge properly you will wear down, get sick and age. You cannot simply just sleep in late to make up for it. It doesn't work that way. Your body has natural rhythms that are in tune with the Earth, sunlight etc. If you don't play along, you will not be on the Earth that long. We're supposed to have about 8 hours. Our body releases healing hormones between 10 pm and 2 am, and we have to be asleep for them to work. Healthy people on average sleep from 10pm to 6 am.


When should you sleep?

10pm to 2am is the darkest time. The Earth is in the shadow of itself from the Sun. 

From 10pm to 2am, wherever you are, the Sun's rays are at their lowest. The Sun is on the other part of the Earth while you sleep and while in this shade, you can sleep without being bombarded with the actinc rays from the Sun. The body can't rest when there are cosmic rays from the Sun that are present. The less of these rays you get while sleeping the better you can regenerate yourself in sleep. You cannot reach that R.E.M. sleep as when you would during those peak hours. The body goes on to regenerate itself better when their is darkness and silence. We do not listen to soft music before or during sleep. Soft music doesn't allow the body to completely rejuvenate. Sleep is a state of being, not monkey mind. Those that stay up all night and then go to sleep around midnight are losing the most valuable hours of sleep. 

When we say "the darkest hours" we are not talking about a dark room.

You can sleep with the lights on and we still consider that to be dark. You can go in a dark room or closet and sleep after the peak hours of sleep between 10pm to 2am but you will still be bombarded with the Sun's rays. Maybe if you went into a 12 inch thick lead room it would block these rays but you would still get some of them.


How should you sleep?

Positional Tolerance

Our goal is to "wean" you off the pillow. Using a pillow is usually a sign of a bad ecology. The clearer your airways (sinuses) are the less you will need a pillow for mucous drainage. If your ecology is good you can lay down flat on your back for a good 7 to 8 hours without moving or turning into other positions. With the right body ecology, you should be able to fall asleep within 5 to 10 minutes. Never more than 15 minutes to fall asleep once you have Positional Tolerance. To sleep like baby refers to sleeping comfortably in any position with no pillows or support. Symbiotic people in tune with with nature have excellent sleep patterns with no need for support. Sounds counterintuitive? Consider this: if nature has meant for you to fall asleep a certain way, you will fall asleep despite how unlikely that might seem at first. Horses fall asleep standing up because they don't fight nature and look for support during sleep. Fighting nature and using a pillow over thousands of years, we have lost our positional tolerance. Eventually, if you have one of the pillows below and your ecology is improving, you might keep deflating it until the point where you are only cradled on the sides. I imagine that people 1000's of years ago put animal skins on each side of their head to keep their head from going to the side.

Babies, if you notice, can fall asleep in almost any position. They have not ruined their ecology at this age. This is called positional tolerance. Sure, you may have a little congestion in the morning but not enough that it will drown you or stop you from breathing when you have an aerobic ecology. I believe that once you can sleep for 8 hours without waking up and without moving while on your back then you have understood and feel what it is like to have 3 to 5 lbs of bacteria in your body. 


Can you sleep on your back for 7 to 8 hours without movement? 99.99% of the people coming to our website cannot do this. 99.99% of the people that are symbiotic can. If you symbiotic and have little to no mucous drainage, you might not need one at all. The exception are the few with cervical neck problems or other circumstance.


What kind of pillow should you use?

Until you reach the ideal body ecology and the positional tolerance that goes with it, what kinda of pillow is best for a symbiotic raw foodist? Most health conscious people have a good pillow that are usually one of the following:

  A memory foam pillow
  An organic buckwheat pillow
  An air-valve pillow


The goal of those who are symbiotic with nature is to achieve positional tolerance gradually --remember this tendency to need pillows has developed over a long period of time and most recently during your lifetime with the continuous use of one, two or even three pillows to fall asleep. Achieving this gradual change is easiest with an adjustable air pillow. As you become more symbiotic, you will need less and less of the pillow until finally, you don't need one or just "prefer" something soft to cradle your head. Air pillows are what we recommend to "wean" yourself off of the conventional pillow. They come in single and dual valve and are engineered with patented air-cell technology in order to reduce pressure points, and maintain blood flow and proper spinal alignment throughout the night. Single Valve pillows are great for side and stomach sleepers, whereas the Dual Valve pillow is great for back and side sleepers.  
The Classic Air Pillow: a luxurious double-side padded cover and a classic pillow shape
  These are the finest pillows you will ever sleep on. I have slept on Tempurpedic and almost every pillow out there. This is the best one I have found. You can deflate the air cells and you can take it anywhere, it just rolls up. You just pump it up with the pump it comes with. I also like its anti-microbial cover.



A Warning about Foam Pillows

For those that are considering buying a "Memory Foam" pillow that many of the specialty stores sell you might want to do some research. These pillows have so many chemicals in them we can't even name them. They are not natural. When you buy them the instructions say that in approximately 30 days the plastic smell goes away.

So, STAY AWAY from memory foam pillows.

This is the most comfortable bed I have slept on.
Custom Tent for Floating Bed constructed with indoor-outdoor, water & weather proof material. Shown here with door pulled open to be used as a partial sunshade. Door and window zip closed for maximum coverage.