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A lot of people are forwarding this link to each other and I have updated my site since then. I have now made separate pages for the things dog owners do with their dogs that is bad. In a nutshell..... I'll list a few but you can read more in detail though out my site.

Here are some characteristics of a symbiotic dog.
Symbiotic dogs don't beg for food at the table. Their nutritional needs are satisfied. Only deficient dogs with cooked food addictions beg.
If you are an owner that gets mad at your dog for begging, blame yourself. YOU are the cause.

Symbiotic dogs have better circulation and aerobic capacity and can do more strenuous activity. This is from the SBOs you give your dog and the nutrient dense foods. Just raw food alone isn't enough unless you let your dog eat bugs, which wild dogs do

Their skin is shinier. They hair has more digested proteins and less waste product so it has a better shine.

Symbiotic dogs poop doesn't stink. At first it might until they get all the toxins out of their body. Their poop is smaller too, and more pebble-like.

Symbiotic dogs don't have to pee as much and don't stop as much at every single bush to mark its territory. They are in less survival mode as their needs are taken care of. They aren't in survival of the fittest mode and feel great.

They eat less. At first they will eat more raw dog food until their colon is clean and can absorb more through their villous lining.

Symbiotic dogs don't need to take enzymes with their foods as raw food should have all the necessary enzymes

Symbiotic dogs have the flora that nature intended. Indoor dogs take SBOs that outdoor dogs naturally get.

They eat wheatgrass or raw freeze dried wild edible weeds that feed the SBOs they eat. (Beware of some of the superfood greens that are just freeze dried spinach or broccoli powder, or other vegetables. These are cultivars that are not the same thing as non-farm raised edible weeds they would naturally eat. The weeds from the Brazilian jungle is the best you can get when available. It is sad when dogs try to eat weeds and the owners pull them away. Grass is a medicine for the dog. If I see a dog owner pull their dog away from eating weeds, you better believe I will say something to them.

NOTICE: Dogs going raw will have a slight film, or yellowish glaze surrounding their poop. This is from the mucus and other mater that has been detoxed out from their new diet. If this toxic stool should go on your floor, clean it with disinfectant sprays.

Please talk to your veterinarian before starting your dog on a raw food diet. If you don't do it right and your dog detoxes too fast from all the stored hormones and pesticides from the cooked food it has eaten all its life, it can detox too quickly and get sick. Always ask your veterinarian about any of the information on our website before deciding it is accurate or applies to your dog.
Follow the domesticated dog                     Follow the indoor/outdoor dog                Follow the wild deer
The domesticated dog is on a very sad nutritional and ecologic path. Although the domesticated dog knows what is best for it to eat they are in a state of total surrender to the owners nutritional understanding and what they put in the bowl. If you notice though alot of time when a dog goes on a walk often it will try to eat grass to get the beneficial organisms from the earth, until of course the owner interrupts the dog telling it to" stop eating dirt ". A dogs favorite thing in the world after a bath is to go roll around in the grass, that isn't just because the dog wants to be dirty again and smell like the ground. It rolls in the grass because it knows that their are friendly bacterias on the ground and in the dirt which will help keep the dogs coat and skin healthy. Although the domesticated dog still has been trained away from eating naturally raw and intuitive and has been reduced to eating horrible food, they still know what their body needs

The domesticated dog is on a very sad nutritional and ecologic path. Although the domesticated dog knows what is best for it to eat they are in a state of total surrender to the owners nutritional understanding and what they put in the bowl. If you notice though alot of time when a dog goes on a walk often it will try to eat grass to get the beneficial organisms from the earth, until of course the owner interrupts the dog telling it to" stop eating dirt ". A dogs favorite thing in the world after a bath is to go roll around in the grass, that isn't just because the dog wants to be dirty again and smell like the ground. It rolls in the grass because it knows that their are friendly bacterias on the ground and in the dirt which will help keep the dogs coat and skin healthy. Although the domesticated dog still has been trained away from eating naturally raw and intuitive and has been reduced to eating horrible food, they still know what their body needs they just have no will to practice it for they believe what they are being given what is right by their loving owner. The domesticated dog represents a path that is of total blind faith while still attempting to practice what is natural to it's instincts as much as it can.
Symbiotic Tip: dogs love coconut oil.
The Domesticated indoor/outdoor dog

The domesticated indoor/outdoor dog represents a very interesting symbiotic model.

The domesticated indoor/outdoor dog is the only animal in a sense to have the very best of both worlds. They are very grounded in their instincts concerning outdoor living and they seem like the most comfortable of creatures to ever live while resting on the top of the couch or on the bed. The dog while outdoors naturally eats grass, rolls around in the dirt, hunts insects and birds for raw protein and nutrients and drinks water from natural places when they stumble across it. Dogs, while outside, always know the right plant to chew on for fiber and chlorophyll and friendly bacteria. The dog at the same time also eats from the food bowl in the kitchen proving two things. First it proves that even with all animals and humans we like to take the course of least resistance and domestication makes us lazy. The dog will eat with it's owner for comradery and also because of laziness and conditioning. At the same time it roams nature freely eating wild grasses and making sure it's ecology is good. And I can guarantee that your cute doggy is hunting and eating alot more wild animal than what it brings to your door step--- and don't get mad when they do this, they are trying to tell you to eat your meat raw, they love you.
The wild deer we consider to be on the most aggressive symbiotic diet of all . The deer is primarily vegan eating grasses and plant life containing alot of friendly bacteria, chlorophyll, and small bugs for raw protein. The elephant has very relaxed and steady nervous system and a perfect body ecology. This is the model of day to day living that I have decided to follow. Not to say the food I eat is boring and just grasses because it's not (it's mostly superfood smoothies) but the food that I eat and the supplements I take is the closest that a human can get in a domesticated environment to symbiotic living and having an ecology that represents nature.
The wild horse is a good model to follow also.

Dog Hygiene
SCAM: If you have been told to buy your dog toothpaste, you have been scammed by the industry. When is the last time you have seen a dog brush its teeth in nature, or better yet, floss its teeth. When the mouth is alkaline, the mouth cannot develop plaque. Plaque and bacteria can only live in an acidic mouth. I have never heard of an owner brushing their raw dog's teeth.

Baths are another scam. Everyone is taking their dogs to the groomer to get their dogs baths. They come out smelling all sweet but you have just washed all the beneficial bacteria and essential oils out of their skin. I use lemon juice and water to bathe with. A dog should only get a bath if absolutely filthy. Use just water if that will do the job.

Also, giving your dogs those treats that "clean their teeth"... well... I won't even go there. If you are that ignorant where you are constantly feeding those types of treats to your dog, you are so ignorant that I think you should either read the rest of my site or click the little x in the top right hand corner. They are better off thrown away than even composted. Stop trying to treat the symptoms of your dog's acidic mouth. Get its mouth alkaline and I will call you a good dog owner.
Are you freakin kidding me? I just read articles on how to get your dog start on an
oral program early. What the heck? They are teaching dog owners to start a brushing
puppies' teeth from early on and train them even by using chicken broth with your fingers
until they get used to the brush.

Excuse me but if they weren't listening to people who give their dogs cooked foods, they
would not need to do this. Of course cooked dogs need to brush their teeth. Their owners
are feeding them horrible foods and giving them a poor body ecology. Some dog food companies
are even giving out calenders that "tell" the owners when to brush dogs' teeth, as if they know
that their cooked food will build up plaque every 2 weeks. This is absolutely insane. No wonder
dogs are getting tarter build up and vets are doing periodontical exams as part of the visit. Even more
disturbing is that many vets sell the cooked food that cause the problem in the first place. Get that?
A dog should NEVER have to have its teeth brushed. PERIOD!
I have ask people on the streets walking their dog why they think their dog licks them.
The most common response is with a big smile, saying "My doggy loves me". Yea right your dog loves you.
You are an ignorant owner if you believe that. They are not licking you because they love you. They lick you to
let you know they need nutrients. They have the instincts of the wolf. Wolves lick their mom to let them know
they are hungy. They also lick you to get the aerobic bacteria off your skin. Notice when you are salty they lick
you more. Don't be fooled into thinking they love you more. Give them SBOs and feed the right and listen to their

This is one of the biggest ways dogs get food addictions. Even owners feeding their dogs raw are giving their dogs freeze dried or dehydrated dog treats. Once all the vital water has been evaporated, dogs can't get the "food signal" that nature intended. The body naturally knows when to stop eating. For example, when you eat pineapple, when you are full, the pineapple starts to taste bad and your body gives you the signal when you have had enough. But, when eating dried pineapple, people can eat two to three times as much pineapple when all the water is gone.

When feeding your dogs dehydrated or freeze dried foods, they don't get the signals that nature intended. I don't give dogs dehydrated treats.Don't think that just because they are raw that they are healthy. Take the freeze dried treats you have been giving your dog, put it in a food processor with some neutral water, and see what the ORP is compared to the raw frozen dog food you have been giving your dog.
Dogs can have a great cardiovascular system either from exercise (strong heart muscle), or a non acidic body where they bodily functions are working at its peak and they can create more energy without fatiguing. Your dog can get in good shape by building its heart muscle or by walking on uneven terrain and moving lymph. Ever see a deer that does not have the shrink to fit skin. They aren't always trying to burn calories like some dog owners make their dogs run to lose weight. Wild animals are graceful and expend only enough energy as needed. The only time they spend more energy is when chasing a prey, in flight or fight mode, or having sex. Don't think you can run or walk your dog into health. This just depletes more of their mineral reserves than they originally.

Your intent for your dog's fitness can be a bandaid to cover up an underlying systemic disruption. Exercise is no coverup for a cooked food addiction. Meanwhile, America has become the fattest country on Earth along with the the highest standard of living. Is that what's called an oxymoron? Can you figure out this riddle? You know, either the advertising is just not working and nobody is really buying or the whole thing is nothing more than another huge money scam.
You may be different, as for me the practice of spending hours of my valuable time engaged in unproductive repetitive motion is so absurd as to be laughable.
As for me, burning up valuable energy just for the sake of bodily exercise is boring and unproductive. It lacks purpose and is a waste of resources. When I choose my exercise I want a type that will give me more energy back than the energy I am putting into it. The last thing I would want is do exercise that takes away my energy that I have to spend time and money building back up. Walking on uneven terrain helps me with circulation on the cellular level and it improves my oxygen absoption. The heart performs optimally when there is more oxygen in the blood.

If you are limited on time and want to get healthy benefits I strongly recommend walking off the paved path.
A message about Low Calorie dog food. Most dogs are not getting fat because they are eating "high calorie" dog food. Don't fall for the scam of buying low calorie cooked dog food. I have not yet found "low calorie" raw dog food. It's either a whole food or denatured by taking all the fat out of the food "oh yea, along with all the essential omega oils too. They usually forget to mention that how its depleted. Unless the food has its original fat, the other parts can go rancid. Do your own ORP tests if you don't believe me. An overweight dog is fat because they are acidic and their fat is holding toxins. They are in homeostasis you idiot. Go back to basic science class and read the chapter on homeostasis. Without that fat storage the dogs organs would acidify. Get them more alkaline and the weight should come off naturally, not by feeding them denatured, low fat food.
Pay for the stamp, and I will personally send you a foot of
pH paper to see what color the water makes the paper turn.
On my quiz, it helps to know the pH of the water your dog
has been drinking for years and years.
If you are not going to give your dog structured or prilled water, don't even bother buying your dog raw dog food. Seriously, you will be just another person buying a month supply of dog food and a month later you will tell all your friends that the raw food diet didn't help your dog. Then those friends with dog owners will hear your bad rap about the raw dog food diet and will never consider it.

What is really sad is that the raw dog food manufacturers don't even mention prilled water. It has been hush hush since now because all the doctors are just prescribing pills for their patience instead of treating the problems. If raw dog food companies knew about prilled water, they would have a lot more successful testimonials about their dog food. What happens is the dog food company gets the bad rap, not the people who are selling prill beads who focus on the water.

Notice how your dog will drink out of dirty ponds or stagnant water on the side of the road. They don't want purified water that has been denatured and lost its ORP and "wetness". High ORP water is wetter than regular tap or purified water. Go to any health food store and look at the bottled waters. The bottles that have the highest pH will cost over $2.00 per liter while the gallons of crappy water will cost 99 cents at most grocery stores.

I promise you that all dogs prefer prill water than any other water. You could give your dog "Cloud Juice" water or 420 water or Bling water which costs about $60 bucks for 4 cups of water. Put prill water side by side the water you have been giving your dog and see what your dog does.
It's like putting raw meat in front of your dog or some dried out denatured dog food. You already know which one he will choose, I hope so.
Want your dog to become hydrophilic, then structure its water.
Rock to Rot Theory
From Rock to Rot
Not from Raw to Dehydrated
Unless you are traveling and don't have access to a portable cooler,
dehydration is no excuse. Raw food is abundant in the USA.
Denatured, dehydrated raw beef void of all the vital water as nature intended. Very dehydrating. Only 3rd best to cooked food.
Dehydration is another form of low temperature cooking. Freeze drying is the 2nd best to cooked food.
To find out how much enzymatic activity and how alive the food is,
see how fast it rots. Cooked dog food (with tons of grain) can last a very
long time. Nothing is living. Check the ORP of dry cooked dog food and see
for yourself. Dry dog food takes a very long time to rot. Raw dog food will rot immediately
and change to a brownish color. Remember, rotting is a factor of time, temp, and air.
The best raw foods are bright red. It is more costly to prepare meats that keep its
original red color. No wonder all the grocery stores are feeding cattle pigmented foods
and adding food colorings to fool the people into thinking the meats are fresh and not
started the rotting phase.
8 things people do with their dogs that are bad
1. Dog jackets:
2. Walking your dog on pavement
3. Getting raw dog food shipped without "DO NOT IRRADIATE" labels on the box (ask your pet store if their boxes say that.
I have personally went into the dumpsters and caught many......(I don't have to explain... no further explanation needed)
4. Dog beds
5. Not letting them eat grass
6. Giving them cooked food treats
7. Not letting them eat till full or taking food away or portioning their food
8. Bottled or Tap water
I NEVER buy one on the phone the first time I talk to a dealer. Do I think they really care about my
dog's health story. They are just asking you about its health and concerns so they can sell
me something. Do not buy based on a good pseudo relationship with a salesperson. I ask relevant
questions to the raw ingredients I am buying. If they start getting too friendly, I just hang up. They do not
have a true interest in me or my dog. They prey on sick and needy people. If they think they can flirt their way
into selling to me they will. They will spend an hour listening to your stories while they play solitaire
on their computer at work.
Why do dogs scratch and dig the floor?
I don't blame owners for getting mad at their dogs for ruining the floors with their nails but it's really the owners fault that they dig.

They do this because you don't let them get enough soil based bacteria outside. They dig naturally to soak up the SBOs. Many people are cutting their dogs nails to prevent them from tearing up the hard wood floor. Stupid owners. Give them SBOs and they will have what they are digging for. If you can't afford to buy SBOs, specifically probiotics that resemble the bugs they would eat in nature (all animals have about 3 to 5 lbs of 20/80% ratios of anaerobic/aerobic bacteria in their guts). Notice how all wild animals eat the guts and organs before eating the rest.

What's even worse is that owners bathe their dogs regularly with shampoos that rid their natural oils and the soil based organisms they have accumulated in nature.
Warning: Walking Your Dog
Everywhere I go, I see people jogging with their dogs on the sidewalks while there is uneven terrain just besides them. When the dog owner stops, usually dogs immediately walk off the paved trail. As people walk for exercise, and it's not natural for even us to walk on paved sidewalks, this prevents lymph movement as we would have if we were walking on uneven ground. The gravitational force is what keeps us fit, unless you think burning calories is the way. I can look at a person and tell if they are fit from working out in the gym by doing cardio to keep slim, or fit from a non-acidic body.

Next time you walk on even paths, notice the head bopping. Notice how you see the heads of people gently bopping up and down or sometimes barely at all. Then notice the head bopping pattern when walking on uneven trails.

If there are no trails, such in big cities, the next best thing is to walk near the curb. Each time you walk step on the curb and then step down. That is the closest to mimicking uneven terrain for proper lymph movement. If your dog is obese, it's your fault. Do this and it should help.
Dogs Jackets
Talking about idiots..... Every time I walk my dog I get called an idiot by at least 10 people. All I hear is by old ladys, "you need to get your dog a jacket... it's too cold for... blah blah....
Or from the jerks that walk past me mumbling, "idiot" with their runny mucus noses. I am not saying my dog is better than the other dogs but, excuse me if I am wrong or over my head on this one, but my dog hasn't shivered ever. Do you see deer shiver in the cold. Or the squirrils, or pigs? NO, YOU DON'T. I see deer standing still, very graceful, roving around eating grass or leaves. Don't use the excuse that they don't have enough fur. They aren't shivering waiting to go to a warm house? You don't see squirrels either.
Have you ever looked at the teeth of a wolf? How about those magnificent teeth of the lions we marvel at on National Geographic channel?

Have you ever noticed the teeth of a cow, goat, or sheep? A predator’s teeth are not the same as the teeth of a ruminant. Predators are carnivores. Simply put that means they are designed to eat MEAT. Meat is highly usable and easily digestible by carnivores (dogs, therefore they have a short digestive tract and only one stomach. The dog’s digestive system is not intended by nature to handle large amounts of roughage.

Ruminants on the other hand have multi-chambered stomachs to break down and digest grains and forage crops. They swallow take this material, mix it with digestive juices, spit it back into their mouths, chew their cud again, and swallow it back into the next stomach. When a cow is butchered the stomach contents in the first stomach are nothing like the contents of the fourth chamber of the stomach. The point is that it takes four stomach chambers to digest grains and roughage and make it usable. The carnivore has only one stomach.

Corn is a useful vegetable. It is used to make corn meal, which sits on your stomach like a heavy lump until passed. Sweet corn is great, with butter in the summer, but did you ever notice it comes out the same way it goes in? Corn is fermented to make ethanol and corn whiskey. The fermentation process also produces methane. Methane is a useful gas, it can power all sorts of machinery. However the process of fermentation, which produces gas, is also the process that causes bloat in dogs. When fermented, grains produce gas - or rye whisky or scotch, etc. Meat may rot but it does not ferment.

I have one dog who is a confirmed stool eater, however she is selective. She will only eat the stool of a dog that was fed kibble. That stool has undigested particles in it so is viewed by the body as food. The stool of a dog that is fed meat will not to be eaten because all the food has been digested. This same principle applies to rabbits. If not wire-caged, they will eat their stool once but reject it the second time around, after the nutrients are used up.

Why do dog food companies use primarily corn? That answer is easy. It is cheap and readily available. It is not a coincidence that most dog food companies are also cereal companies. On most labels there are three or more different names for the corn, but it is mostly corn.

The end of this short story is that I don’t feel that my dogs should be the disposal unit for the cereal industry. If God intended for dogs to eat hay and corn they would have teeth like cows and horses.

Most sick dogs have a lower pH than what they should have
(take a pH strip and test your dog's saliva and see for yourself).

When they are not hydrophillic and are peeing out their water instead of absorbing it, their lymphatic pH is totally wack. Prill water will usually normalize your dogs pH unless they are so far gone that they can't be helped.
BEWARE: When you give them prilled water, they will not crave the cooked food as they won't be so acidic and might not eat it. If they have cooked food addictions and won't eat raw food yet, this water will get them to eat it just like the water would balance their pH in nature.
The goal is to hydrate all your dog's cells, not just quinch their thirst. Prilled water has helped dogs get rid of tumors too. When cows drink prilled water, which used to be a secret to the industry, their cows produce more milk than before.
A dehydrated dog is a sick dog.
Don't expect your dog to be healthy and live a long life when the pH of their bodily fluids aren't restored.

Feeding a dog raw dog food is stupid when they are drinking water that makes them acidic. If your dog is not healthy It will NOT be able to absorb the bioavailable minerals and nutrients that are would normally be absorbed in their body. Do you ever see fat animals in nature (I'm not talking about domesticated animals, I'm talking wild animals in the jungle that don't have people feeding them foods they shouldn't be eating). The prilled, alkaline water acts as a buffering system so the foods you feed it can be digested.
If you don't understand this concept you shouldn't be buying raw dog food. You will be wasting your money. Get your dog to become hydrophillic and it should live a long healthy life. Go to any dog park and you will
I never feed my dog purified water.
Water in nature is structured and NEVER pure.

Many people are complaining that their dogs are always going to the bathroom and they get tired of letting them out so much, especially in the cold weather. If owners were educated and not only concerned about raw diet food and which one is more alive than the other and being so concerned over if it was irradiated in the mail and checking their ORP meters (actually, a obsessive compulsive disorder that I have), then they would know to focus on the water just as much as the food. Dogs' bodies are about 70% water. And most raw dog food is about 70% water too unless excess vital water has been removed to prevent frostbite which is another big issue. (If you dehydrate the raw frozen dog food you are eating, it will shrink down to less than half the original size).

Anyway, if your dog is water malabsorbent and not absorbing the water it drinks, I urge you to prill the water it is drinking. If you research prill beads you will see that they are very popular. Maybe you haven't heard about them yet but they are very popular among raw dog owners. Your dog will pee way less because the water is actually being absorbed into the cells and not blocked because the acidic water's cluster size is so big.

It is time to quench your dog's thirst instead of being ignorant about what your dog drinks. It cost's less than 20 bucks for about a golf ball size amount of these beads. Three ounces of these beads will last you 10 years. They are rocks that you put in the water and after 24 hours the water
totally changes into prill water. Beware of the round type. Some beads are simply magnesium beads and others are charged for a higher ORP output. The irregular shaped ones are the most natural and not processed like the round ones that can have fillers.
Dog food companies can put ELECTRIC FENCES with their lock-
down mechanisms to keep me from finding out what exactly it is they are doing there in the
warehouse, but the tests I do on dog food gives me clues and prevent me from being scammed.

Scam: Processing dates
If you see a huge sale on raw dog food, and it even says "grass fed beef", you might want to be cautious.
I just heard that there are two feeding seasons for cattle, and other grass eating animals.

The beginning of the summer processing or end of the summer processing.
If the cows have been eating grass (root oxins) all summer long, the beef will be
more mineralized. If they have been eating when the grass has not had peak sun,
the beef quality can test differently.

Just like algae ponds, the algae you buy that is mixed in with the bottom feeders, it is much cheaper
than algae that has receved more sun. The value of the algae is higher and more expensive to harvest
due to fragility and sun burning. Don't get the cheap way out and get beef from cattle that has low
grade food. Many companies are harvesting greens from greenhouses. That is 2nd best in the wintertime.

Raw dog food processing has evolved since it first became commercialized. Every year they seem to get better at preserving it. At first, there were the dehydrated dog foods before dry ice became popular, and now people are asking more questions on how its being shipped (irradiation). Now people are questioning why medallions of raw food aren't getting frost bit. Take any frozen whole food and see if in a few months it gets frost bit. If you put a steak in the freezer it usually develops ice crystals on it over time. The more of the natural vital liquids that are kept on the steak, the more it will get frost bit. The more dryer meats don't get as frost bit. If you want to make sure your dog is getting the whole raw dog food in its original form, make sure they don't dry off the foods they are shipping you. It's a good practice if people are storing foods for months but if you can buy food that is shipped to you in less than a week from processing and your dog eats it within a month, you should not have the problem.
There's no more complaints with raw dog food if people know ahead of time what to ask about and to expect.
But, of course, there are advances in technology all the time and the their are pros and cons of each type of processing. Heck, cooked food was new technology and look at all the diseases it has caused.

It's funny how I have talked to companies that sell raw dog food who say theirs is better and the dry or dehydrated promotors say they have the best. Since this has been so confusing to me I have taken it upon myself to find out which is the best food for each dog's needs.
One brand might be good for one dog but not the other. I will say that I can foresee some brands being phased out soon, especially the type that I hear complaints about that are causing the symptoms I hear about. The best ones are very expensive and I am not talking about some MLM brands that has its price jacked up. I think the prices of these will come down in a few years when big name brands become obsolete but with the prices of the materials going up I don't see it happening soon. (Yes, I am pissed at the prices but oh well). If you want a Ferrari you have to pay their price.
Dogs in nature are not under the influence of positional intolerance.
Only domesticated dogs with poor body ecologies need a cushion for their lower bone density mass.  

Why do dogs like to sleep on cushions?
You don't give them enough minerals. They have weak genetics already from being domesticated. And, stop being mean,
let them on the couch or bed. It's your fault for not mineralizing their bones. Do you see wild animals complaining about
sleeping on the hard dirt. Get your dogs positional intolerant from day 1.
NOTICE: POSITIONAL INTOLERANT DOGS (Dogs that need cushions, dog beds, pillows, etc.)
I think dog beds are the biggest scam in the world. Ever since John became famous, this is when all the dog beds started being made. It was less than a generation since him that there are hundreds of dog bed companies around the world. I do not blame the positional tolerance on the owners as they usually have the same types of addictions as the dog. You have to trace it back to what first happened. 100s of years ago, there were no dog bed companies.
Now, dogs are hydrophobic, they are water mal-absorbent, which ties in to positional intolerance, and this is why bed companies are a huge business. I am not against bed companies because they are serving the need of the positional intolerant dog, just like how cigarette companies not to blame for smoking addictions, (again, this goes back to John and I won't mention his last name but it starts with a D.) If you have an IQ above a 3rd grader you should be able to figure it out. The dog bed companies are not to blame. Is it a push or pull strategy? Well, its a pull strategy. The consumers demand it for their dogs. You don't see dog bed companies advertising on the internet saying, "get this bed... your dog will love it". NO they prey on dogs that have little to no positional tolerance and make money on them which is common in every industry serving a need. A dog on a raw, bioavailable diet should not need to keep a dog bed for more than a year. Dogs usually have a better ecology than humans and heal much faster. HOW LONG HAS YOUR DOG HAD A PROBLEM WITH POSITIONAL INTOLERANCE? If you ignore this, you are a bad dog owner.

Dogs and Pillows: Many dogs that feel the need to prop up against pillows all their life have the need to be propped up because of the way owners feed them. They are not as supple as animals in nature. Notice how dogs that are in dog beds lean up against the side propping their head up. I believe this is because of the congestion from all the cooked foods they have eaten. Most cooked dogs are always tossing and turning and moving around all night long.

Why do different raw dog foods smell so differently?
Well, there are many different grades of raw dog food. Just because it's raw doesn't mean its a high bioavailable food. You can grow raw food in depleted soil in Mexico and call it raw. So.....
Some are more moist than others, some have more mineral content and anti-oxidants. Some are more red and others slightly brown. Some are more acidic than others when we tested them. Some have more complex ingredients and some don't. Some smell earthy and some have hardly any smell at all (I avoid those).

My dog's poop is pebble like. Why?
Well, the food is being digest. Most dogs that have big hard stools are from undigested food. Look at deer in nature. Their poop is pebble like. Look at lions poop at the zoo. You will see that their poop is the same. Raw food has more water content and has all the alkaline water as nature intended in the food and the stool should not be liquid like. Just like the dogs absorb the water from the raw dog food, it is the same principle as when they drink prilled water and they "hold" their water and don't pee it out as waste when the cells can't absorb it. Look at construction workers. They drink almost a gallon of water a day and still are thirsty. They could drink structured, prilled water and drink less than half that amount and be just as quinched. All they are doing is stressing their kidneys, and you are stressing your dogs kidneys too. Want your dog to live along life? Then give him good water.

Why are some dog foods with the same main ingredients priced differently?
All dog food has a value. If the food value of the food is high when it has an abundance of minerals and enzymatic activity,
it has a price value that is higher. Some companies let their animals eat grass, some eat grass that is sprayed with dehydrated ocean water which has a TDS of over 30,000, some use cheap fertilizers in their grass, and some animals eat hay, which has no chlorophyll left at all. If you go to a steak house, the more expensive steak houses will have grass fed steaks, and the cheaper steak houses will have grain fed cattle. If you go to health food store chains, they only sell grass fed beef. Test the ORP of grain vs grass fed and see what your meter shows and you will see the difference.

I am a raw foodist and don't freeze my foods. I eat them fresh. I don't eat frozen fruits or vegetables. Why freeze my dogs food?
Well, if you have the resources to process your dogs foods DAILY, (yes, I mean daily), then, by all means, do it. The second best is frozen foods. Look at the eskimos. They killed those whales and buried them under ice. Are you going to tell them they were wrong? It's a means of preservation. If you have the financial capability, there are a few companies that will ship freshly slaughtered foods on dry ice next day to your door. Or, if a manufacturer is in your area that has been approved by me, I will refer you to them. Buying locally is the cheapest. You don't have to pay for shipping and can get it before they freeze it to ship to all the mail order buyers.
Raw Dog Food Industry Terminology
Volume: Plate size: As a rule, bigger portions and paying more by the pound don't equal to more nutrition. 70% of meat is water anyway.

Dehydrated Raw Food: This can be more dense and the water has been removed, but watch out for foods that have been too oxidized from
over dehydration (excess air)

Oxidation: Food can be raw but just like an apple, it can lose its nutrition value if oxidized. (Oxidation is a factor of 3 things... time x heat x air)

Frost Bite: If it has ice crystals on it, don't give it to your dog. Just like you wouldn't eat ice cream that is frost bitten, don't feed your dog it either.

Mass Produced: Foods that are made on such a large scale that quality control is a bigger concern. Smaller companies don't let as many things slide by.

Shelf Life: The last day stamped on the bag or container before you should not feed it to your dog.

Real Shelf Life: The real amount of bioavailability or lifespan left as the food's shelf life has reached closer towards its end date.

Contraindications - Reasons why certain people can't use certain brand. That is why there are different types of ingredients. Some dogs digest chicken better, some digest beef better. Some dogs don't have the digestive system that can handle wild game yet.

Positional Intolerance: The ability for the body to rest in one position without moving due to being wither water mal-absorbent or hydrophobic.

Brix Meter: A tool that costs about $25 dollars to test the liquids in the food. It is a prism that bends the light to determine its value.

Low ORP - Lowest frequency or amplitude produced by a food, usually tops at about -800

High ORP - Highest frequency produced by the food, usually not toping +800

Session Time - Number of seconds it takes your dog to eat. Dogs in crisis mode usually eat faster "survival of the fittest, fight or flight" mode.

Research – Scientific records proving the range or effectiveness of specific ingredients.

Manufacturer - If the company owns and produces their own foods.

Private Labels - Sharing an existing product line with no exclusive usage of product and ingredients, only a unique brand name.

Warranty – What companies will cover if the food goes defective within a period of time (frostbite, turning color or browning from oxidation)

Guaranteed Temperature: The temperature the food never exceeds and that can be put in writing and tested upon consumption to make sure their statements are accurate (ORP testing)

Quality Control - Final inspection of finished product before packaged and shipped for distribution or retail.

Absorbed Heat: This is power absorbed by food. Grinding bone meal can cause it to be heated and can kill the nutrients and
bioavailability. Unless the manufacturer is educated on what temperature to not exceed, they can be selling bunk foods.

ORP Spectrums: The lowest electrical charge (absolute) to the highest electrical charge of the food (absolute). Certain inferior ingredients can change the entire ORP of the formula.

Technology Patents: These stop one company from copying another's technology. The least envasive technologies (heating) are what most companies are trying to copy.

Magnetic Food Assembly: Companies that use magnetic blades, containers to preserve the life of the food. Normally, as the food degrades over time, it oxidizes and loses its nutrient value. But, when the foods are exposed to excessively high Gauss, they don't lose its ORP. So, if the raw dog food can resist bacteria and can have extended shelf lifes, and the bugs and bacteria won't eat it, then WHY SHOULD MY DOG EAT IT??????? GET MY POINT. DO YOUR RESEARCH ON MAGNETIC ASSEMBLY PRODUCTION EQUIPMENT.

VITAL WATER: When the foods are put into the meat grinders and blood and excess fluids flow, it can cause the excess moisture when the foods are frozen for retail. This water is often drained off the mixing bowls so the food will bind and not be too loose. (notice how the medallions of raw dog food keep their shape or form when thawed. Grinded meat with too much fluid will not "have that medalian look and will get all mushy. But, if you notice how wild animals always eat the organs first, where this aerobic bacteria from the animals gut gets eaten first, is what almost all of these dog foods are missing. Find a brand that has the most of this. The foods with the "shortest shelf life" will usually have this and will definitely get ice crystals bigger than the medallions after a few months. People are so clueless that they even eat salmon with color added. Not to sound like a jerk but, if you are so stupid you wouldn't eat the grayish color salmon before the dyes are added, why are you trying to trick yourself.

Food colorings: Just like many meat companies are putting nitrates and other colorings in red meats, you might want to see if your dogs food has it too. Don't fool yourself thinking the food is fresh and bright red. They feed cattle with pigmented foods. Don't be and idiot.

Production rate: Defined by how many pounds of food is produce per day. If a huge dog food company is turning over thousands of pounds a day, its like booooom, the machines can turn raw meat scraps into processed foods faster than a Ferrari, overlooking everything in sight at such top speeds. Slow down your rate, (it's ok to charge a little more) and just make sure the food doesn't get heated. When the foods touch the hot meat augers or mixing gears near the drive shafts, the whole lot can be raw except for the part that touches those hot medal parts. Ever try juicing oranges? You can use a hand held juicer and do it slower or a high speed juicer and 10 times as fast but the juice's temperature is raised and the ORP is changed from its fresh state in the orange. High speed dog food production is no different. It's not always about getting it done fast or buying the cheapest (unless you buy in bulk because some manufacturer saves money on packaging, shipping, time to put multiple orders together). Get your friends together and just buy once a month. I would never buy food and let it sit in my freezer more than a month no matter what they tell me (or the label says).
This quiz will isolate all raw dog food-relavent issues.
I will contact you personally and help you find the best dog food I recommend.
Better health and well-being for your dog are closer at hand than ever!

My dog barks at every noise it hears.
Sometimes it barks, for no reason at all
My dog wouldn't bark if my house was getting robbed.

What is the pH of the water your dog has been drinking (or color of pH paper)
9 (purple)
8 (blue)
7 (yellow)
6 (orange)
5 (red)

How long has your dog been sleeping on a bed?
1-2 years

Does your dog get plaque on its teeth?
yes, I have to brush its teeth often
yes, I brush its teeth about once a month
no, never

How many times does your dog pee per day?

Does your dog often try to jump on the bed or couch?
yes, and I don't allow my dog to do it
yes, and I let him
no, my dog never does.

It is pebble like
It is wet like and runny
It is hard and compact
It has a lot of undigested food in it

I have been walking my dog on:
pavement, and my dog stays on the pavement
pavement, and my dog always tries to walk off the pavement
the grass
uneven trails
my dog walks himself

My dog stays
mainly outside
outdoors only

Do you feed your dogs treats?

Does your dog lick you?
yes, all the time

What type of water has your dog been drinking?
tap water (at least there are minerals in tap water)
filtered tap water
distilled water
spring or bottled water
prill water (dogs love drinking prill water and become hydrophillic on prill water)

Do you feed your dog wheatgrass?
My dog is always eating grass and weeds when it goes every chance it gets.

Does your dog get boners
yes, when it gets excited
yes, at random times
no, not that I know of
I have a female dog
My dog has trouble walking up stairs

Cold Climate:
My dog does not like to go out in the cold weather.
My dog will immediately start scratching at the door to come in
My dog loves the cold weather and has short hair
My dog loves the cold weather and has long hair

Are you concerned with your dog's weight?
yes, it's overweight
yes, it's underweight
no, I'm satisfied with its weight, thank you

Do you dog suffer from joint or bone pain?

How much does your dog weigh?
1-10 lbs
10-20 lbs
20-40 lbs
40-60 lbs
60-90 lbs

Do you have enough freezer space?
yes, I can store at least 1 month worth of food
yes, I can freeze 2-3 months worth
4-6 months worth
I will buy a dedicated freezer for my dog's food

I can clean my dog's bowl immediately after it eats
I am gone and I can't always clean the bowl every time.
 will just use disposable bowls so I don't have to clean the bowl each time.

Someone is always around to feed my dog.
I have to leave the food out for my dog and will get a "special 24 hour frozen bowl" for self service

Feeding Schedule
I feed my dog at certain times per day,the times that are convenient for me
I feed my dog at the times when my dog signals to me that its hungry
My dog naturally knows when to eat and I leave the food out all day
My vet says to leave the food out and if it doesn't eat it then take it away

My experience with raw dog food:
My dog is currenty on the raw food diet
Gave to my dog before but don’t remember the brand
Bought it before but looking for something better
Saw a brand briefly but never bought it, I'm new to raw foods
Saw it only over the Internet
I’ve been hearing about it

Level of activity Wanted (ORP, bioavailability):
Most effective for results and benefits
Better than average but not the best
Some effectiveness and benefits but mostly sustainability
I don’t care; I just want one because they’re popular

Raw Food Brand:
I want the authentic OEM foods (no assemblers). They must own their farms.
I want the newest raw dog food brand
I want what my vet tells me to buy
I want what is popular in the stores
I want a dog food with a private label
I don’t care if the product line is shared between brands
I don’t care; lowest price is the priority

Storage Type Wanted:
I want my food to come in 5 lb bags
10 lb bags, I don't care about retail packaging
I want a 55 pound block in a big food service bag, no bags or packaging.
For a cheaper price, I will chop it up myself

Raw Food Pricing:
I want the best that money can buy as long as it is reasonable
I will sacrifice for a smaller quantity for higher effectiveness quality
I want to maximize the caloric content and care less about quality

I will sacrifice and get the minimum nutrients needed for a good price
The lowest price is the best for me

Which raw dog food company interested you the most?
None yet
I have narrowed it down to two and need to know which is better
There are so many to choose from, can't decide

Which brands did you sample or feed your dog in the past?

If buying from the source at a non-inflated price, which price range fits your means?
$2/LB or under Entry Level Grade
$2/LB to $3/LB Standard Grace
$3/LB to $4/LB Better than Average
$5/LB to $6/LB High Grade
$6/LB+ Top Shelf Grade

Personality Type:
I want you to give me the best price you can
I want to make an offer. Take it or leave it. I'll call the next person if you don't accept the price I want to pay
I want to tell you what I have to offer first. I can probably help you sell some of your foods
If you give me dealer pricing on a raw dog food, I will give you dealer pricing on a product I sell
I will pay the manufacturer by check to avoid cc fees, wait a month or get bags with flaws (printing accidents)
I want to be put on a wait list for the next demo in my area and buy what is left over.