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This page is dedicated to all the services and products that we feel are mostly unnecessary.

  If you get that "but, but, but" sensation after reading our website or if you want to learn more then we have done our job! If we can talk you out of an item we think is not good for you we have done our job. We do NOT sell anything on our website that we don't approve of. We teach what we have found to work the best. We live as close to nature as possible. We are not about taking your money. Our efforts go into coaching. Our job is to help as many people as possible.
Some of the things you will never find a true symbiotic rawfoodists rarely have the need for:
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1. Massage Therapy
2. Dentists (Maybe once every 5 years for a check up but never regular visits to get teeth cleaned. Saliva in a person with good body ecology will do everything necessary to maintain healthy teeth and gums). Last time I checked, animals don't floss or brush their teeth.
3. Health Insurance
4. Chiropractic
5. Yoga
6. Accupuncture
7. Perfume or Cologne (A clean body smells good naturally unless you need to cover up the terrain from a putrid body ecology.
8. Vitamins or nutrient isolates (How symbiotic are crystaline, powdered nutrients)?
9. Ice
10. Deodorant
11. Microwave
12. Teflon pans
13. Polycarbonate or plastic containers
14. Soap (Water is the best solvent)
15. Paper utinsils
16. Plastic cups
17. Plastic cutting boards
18. Spounges
19. Optomitrists

Below are some things that a symbiotic rawfoodist uses minimally:
1. cosmetics (has little to no imperfections to cover up)
2. toiletries (tooth paste, deodorant, soap, floss)
3. food (utilizes almost all of the nutrients that are consumed)
4. subscriptions
5. hair care (does not use store bought shampoos or hair gels or any other hair maintenance products)
6. drugs
7. gas
8. water (A symbiotic body is usually not water mal-absorbant)
9. phone
10. trash (rarely has trash to throw away)
12 groceries (a symbiotic rawfoodist can live on an average of fifteen dollars a day)
13. restaruants (simple foods are more pleasing than eating prepared foods)
14 cable
15. electricity
16. laundry detergent


What a symbiotic rawfoodist DOES NOT eat: Top 10: 
"You are now informed"
Read why these foods are the "healthy phony foods" to avoid.

1. Bananas (See Trash or Stash page for our complete review on all their problems, or read below for the short version).
2. Soy
3. Peanuts (raw) (Peanuts aren't even a nut. They are beans).
4. White Potatoes
5. Fresh Juice (raw)
6. Soda
7.NON raw Agave Nectar ( This is a transitional food). The aqua type is the best but very expensive. We don't sweeten foods that don't need to be sweetened. Agave is not bad for you. If you don't like a food but you will like it if it is sweetened, then we don't approve of using this for that reason.
8. Cacao (raw) (There are so many things rawfooders don't realize) See our foods page to learn about this. (If transitioning, I could see a use for it if someone has a chocolate addiction but usually it is a sugar addiction. Many people that eat the cacao beans by themself do not like them. It's the milk and sugar that goes into the chocolate that they like.
9. Olive Oil (raw) (It doesn't matter if its organic or fresh pressed)
10. White seseme seeds (When in stock, we carry heirloom unhulled seseme seeds. We make heirloom seseme milk daily).
11. Green Leafy Vegetables (cultivars such as raw kale, chard, spinach, parsley. We eat the more primitive greens).
1. Bananas These should only be eaten in hot climates where they are grown. Otherwise, they will dampen my body if eaten in other climates. They have a very high glycemic index and raise my blood sugar to quickly. They are picked green and the they nutrients don't even have time to develop naturally on the tree. Most are gassed with nitrogen to keep them green until they reach their destination. They have low water content also. We tend to eat the juicer fruits. There is a natural reason that they only grow in the very hot climates and that is where they should be eaten.
2. Soy First...I don't consider this a health food. The main reason we don't eat soy is because it has phytic acid which block my uptake of minerals, such as calcium. They have an anti-nutrient property to them. Only if we cook them these anti-nutrient levels are lowered. But, who wants to cook them? Miso would be the only way we would eat soy. The mellow miso was our favorite when we used to eat soy.
3. Peanuts If you don't know about Aflatoxin.. then you need to do some research before eating another peanut. You can't see this mold by looking at it but it is there. The peanut butter with the highest amounts of this mold is the fresh peanut butter that you get when it is ground at the health food store in those nut butter machines. 
4. White Potatoes First, these have little to no phytochemicals and nutrients. We eat sweet potatoes, not the white potatoes. White potatoes are like table sugar to your body. It amazes me that the white potatoe is the most eaten vegetable than any vegetable on earth. You might as well eat white bread...they are the same to me.  
5. Fresh Juice (raw) If you read our juicing page you will probably never want to drink juice again and, if you have a juicer, you would probably want to trash it or donate it. Juice is not natural. It is denatured. If anyone disagrees I would love someone to call us and argue their point!
6. Soda First, I must say that DIET soda is worse than regular soda. Try pouring soda on your car... see what happens to the paint. Diet soda actually makes people gain more weight than drinking regular soda.
7. NON-raw Agave Nectar :We do carry "aqua" agave for those that need it for their transition into the symbiotic diet
8. Cacao (raw) (There are so many things rawfooders don't realize) If you are going to eat this.. eat it in its natural state...The Beans...not the powder. Why denature something and let it oxidize?
 9. Olive Oil (raw) (It doesn't matter if its organic or fresh pressed)
10. White seseme seeds The better choice would be "Black Seseme Seeds or even better, heirloom varieties". They have more minerals than the white version. You can make the best heirloom or black tahini out of these seeds. We do not sell these but know of sources that have the freshest quality. Call us if you want to know who sells the heirloom seeds. They are more expenisive than the ones in the store but we would rather pay more and get those with more calcium and minerals.
 10. Green Leafy Vegetables (raw kale, chard, spinach, parsley). We have an entire lecture on this topic. We teach this in our Tele-Chat.

A symbiotic rarely or never snacks between meals and has plenty of energy between meals. We eat when we are hungry and we rarely or never eat unless the previous meal has been digest. We do not eat 6 meals a day like many dietitions tell people to do.

A symbiotic does not typically take health remedies, such as echinacea. If we are coming down with the flu or a cold, which is rare to never, we invite the cold. We don't try to suppress it.
The reason we stay away from cold remedies, for example, is because it prevents our body from getting the cold, which is what we really want. Many people take echinacea or vitamin C at the first sign of a cold, sore throat, or a cough. This prevents the natural healing cycle. By taking this, our body would never get a chance to heal itself and this is why many of the "health remedy" companies are getting rich.
Many people even go to the extent of using garlic foot pads to "rush" the natural healing cycle of the body. We never rush our natural cycle just like we don't force feed ourselves by consuming large amounts of juice from a juicer. We instinctivelly do what is symbiotic.
More significant than what appears on this page is what does NOT appear on this page.
  There are hundreds of products available today and a very few are true breakthrough products.
To not be included in this last category, a product must:
1. Give the body only what it needs
2. Leave nothing behind (no metabolic residue). If you want to spend a lot more money, go ahead. But that isn't necessary to restore your health.
Our goal is to suggest a complete wellness program for optimum cell nutrition, no matter what the particular health of the person. I want people to spend the least money possible, while still achieving their goal. I have no loyalty to any one company; my loyalty is to those wanting to live a healthy lifestyle.
The list on this page is not intended to harm any manufactorer in any way.